Question:  Who is David Kirkpatrick?

            A physician? a psychiatrist?  a psychotherapist? A teacher? A writer?

Answer: All of the above. David Kirkpatrick has learned to wear many hats well.

        He grew up in the quirky college community of Yellow Springs, Ohio, a town that confused uniqueness with importance.  And ever since, he has been struggling with the difference(s) between these two facts of life, especially in his unusual, unpredictable writing, which often includes:
                                              . Poetry
                                              . Memoir
                                             . Eulogy and praise
                                             . And his thoughts and feelings as he experiences life.
In David's first book, In Praise of Strong Women: a Psychiatrist's Memoir, readers follow him through a lifetime of memories of strong girls and women, starting with his treasured Grandma Pearl to his third grade sweetheart Jeannie to the death of his beloved wife Betsy in March 1991. And David then bravely takes his readers further as he grieves and learns more about life. And new love.

In Praise of Strong Women
won an IPPY Award in 2010. (Click on Events above for more.)
NOW Watch for David's second book, Neither Married Nor Single: Living with Your Alzheimer's Partner, in which he shares the overlapping journeys that he and his wife, Lauren, have made through her Alzheimer's Disease. The reader follows him through intimate and personal chapters that alternate with  professional and objective chapters in which he comforts and teaches while reaching out to one of the most neglected demographic groups in the world today---the lonely and bewildered, often grief-stricken and frequently conflicted partners of those stricken with Alzheimer's or other dementias.